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60 Minute english sessions

Who is this for?

Ideal for those that are comfortable speaking English already and need more practice

Students who want to focus on a topic and explore it deeply

1 Lesson = £20
5 Lessons = £95
10 Lessons = £175

30 Minute english sessions

Who is this for?

Students who are not ready to speak for 60 minutes

Higher level students who just want regular practice

Students with limited time to spare

1 Lesson = £12
5 Lessons = £55
10 Lessons = £95

presentation / public speaking

Who is this for?

Those who want to improve in public speaking and delivering presentations

Skills covered – tone, intonation, rhythm, pace, control and body language.  

Gain confidence quickly and be better prepared.

1 Session = £25
5 Sessions = £115
10 Sessions = £200

presentation coaching

Want to improve your presentation or public speaking skills? I will help you become a more confident and effective presenter, so you can wow your clients and smash that deal or make that sale.
Help with improving your tone, intonation, rhythm, pace, control and body language. Ensuring you sound more confident and relaxed.

presentation coaching

Proofreading / editing

Simple mistakes can lose you that job you want or that grade you need. If you need academic papers, dissertations, presentations, websites, blogs, essays or anything else proofread to the highest possible standard contact me today for a free quote.

proofreading colour

Content Writing

Good content is big business nowadays and is essential to boost your site or product up the google ratings. I have written content for dozens of websites including Australia’s most bespoke designer furniture store. I’m SEO savvy and can help your site or product get the attention it deserves. For a free quote, get in touch now.

content writing

Benefits Of skype lessons

Learn with a native speaker without living in the UK

No wasted travelling time to and from lessons

Learn from the comfort of your home/work

Continue your lessons even if you’re travelling

Use of multimedia to enhance learning

All feedback, content and resources in one place

Higher retention rate