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Hi, I’m an online English teacher with over 15 years teaching experience.
My online English lessons specialize in pronunciation / accent reduction and conversational English but I can also help you with general / business English, exam preparation, job interviews, public speaking and much more.
I like my lessons to be fun and laid back because it’s well known that we learn quicker when we’re relaxed.

I believe that Del has come up with a new way of teaching English that is definetely incomparable to other teachers as he focuses on the rhythm and intonation of English which I believe it will come in handy when interacting with native English people. His method is enjoyable and relaxing and I think it can surely suit every foreign student’s needs. I wish I had started doing lessons with him earlier.‘ Paolo, Italian

How It Works

  1. Use my booking calendar to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs/goals.
    Or use the form below for further info or queries.
  2. We will discuss availability and schedule your sessions.
  3. Make a payment using PayPal or bank transfer (pounds or euros).
  4. We meet on Skype for the lesson.