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I'm a Cambridge University qualified English tutor, born and raised in Manchester. I've been teaching for nearly 15 years and have specialized in teaching English for over 5 years, working in the UK and Spain as well as online.

Contact me if you're fed up of grammar and boring books and want to learn 'real' English.

After working at a couple of major language schools in Manchester I concluded that a formalistic way of teaching is not the most beneficial or quickest way to learn a language. Many of my students could understand the tutors, each other and the recordings on the CDs but once they left the college and entered the real world, they were frustrated with not being understood and struggled with people who 'don't speak English properly' and 'eat their words'!

If you're looking at this page then you have probably worked out by now that the best way to learn English is with a specialized, personal tutor. Hence, I now teach freelance using a variety of methods that allow my students to understand and be understood by the general native English speaker. I specialize in improving spoken English, with focus on pronunciation, intonation and rhythm, including slang and common phrases, therefore helping you to communicate in day to day life. My main approach is a communicative method as I believe (and research has shown) that the most effective way to learn a language is to actually speak it. I'm flexible and can discuss and help you build vocabulary in any area you like as well as helping with job interviews, work projects, exam preparation (FCE/IELTS), business English or just helping to build your confidence.

My lessons are relaxed and fun as I feel students learn better this way and feel more confident to use the language, leading to quicker progress. Plus, I like to have a laugh ; ) I also provide a proofreading service and previously I proofread one of Europe's largest printing company websites. Contact me for a free quote. I can help you with essays/dissertations, coursework, web marketing content, websites/blogs. Also having a basic knowledge of html I design wordpress sites and can offer cheap hosting and SEO.

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General / Business English. Accent reduction and pronunciation improvement. Exam preparation.
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Proofreading of essays, dissertations and CVs as well as websites/blogs and much more.
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