L5 Diploma in
Education & Training

the course

This programme is designed to prepare trainee teachers and trainers to teach in a wide range of contexts. To achieve the qualification, there is a requirement for teaching practice that requires observation and assessment of performance.

Who Is It For?

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET) programmes are the recognised teaching qualification for the post-16 sector. You can become a post-16 teacher in England without a teaching qualification, but it’s a definite advantage to have one, as many employers expect them.

  • It is equivalent to the second year of a UK bachelor’s degree.
  • It is a popular route for prospective teachers who want to pursue a career in further education, or currently hold an FE teaching role and want to gain a full teaching qualification.
  • You can apply for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status once you’ve successfully completed your training. Once achieved, QTLS is equivalent to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England, allowing you to work as a qualified teacher in state schools. 

Entry Requirements

You must have achieved the following minimum requirements to be eligible to apply for Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training programmes:

  • Access to 100 hours of teaching experience whilst on the course.
  • You’ll need to have achieved Level 2 skills in English or mathematics, or Level 3 if you are taking units in teaching literacy or numeracy.
  • Some training providers may ask you to complete tests to demonstrate suitable levels of literacy, numeracy, and ICT skills before admission.
  • You must also meet some non-academic requirements, including a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, and declaration of criminal convictions.


I endeavour to keep the costs as low as possible because I know how difficult it is
to get on the teaching ladder after paying for my own training while raising a family.
I’m able to do this due to working freelance and having the support of an excellent centre.
Normally the cost is £850 but I’m doing a lockdown special at the moment.
First come first served.


I am a qualified DTTLS tutor with 14 plus years teaching, training and mentoring experience, working in a range of educational positions. For several years I was a department curriculum manager, in a busy FE college just outside London. In this position I mentored members of staff, helping them to complete their teaching qualifications. So I am highly aware of the value personal support gives, when completing the qualification whilst dealing with a busy workload and family life.


I became a curriculum manager when the department was put into special measures after a difficult Ofsted visit. This in house promotion was due to many attributes noted by management, but the main ones were to do with my belief in working as a team, supporting and developing each other to provide the best outcomes for our learners. Using a collaborative approach where everyone’s view matters and always providing solutions on how to move forward but with a shared work-load. Many tutors will tell you how they feel like a lone Island in their role with little or no support, often floundering under the pile of admin, pastoral and teaching, learning and assessment responsibilities their role brings. It was one of my biggest achievements to lead the department from special measures to good in 1 year and the following year to outstanding.


I then decided to focus on my key strengths of motivating, mentoring and supporting trainee teachers to achieve their teaching qualifications, making sure they would have my personal support, especially when they weren’t getting it from within their organisations. So for the past few years, I have been helping learners to complete their L5 and L4 qualifications in Education and Training (DTTLS & CTTLS).


I believe this is why you should choose to complete your qualification through us, our aims are to mentor and develop your teaching skills to help you on the road to becoming an outstanding teacher. We know how this benefits learners’ to receive the best education, which is what all of us want! Most other on-line companies are only interested in getting their sales and getting numbers through the qualification. Don’t settle for being a number you and your students deserve better!

“Carol has been my tutor through two separate courses of learning. In both instances she has provided me with timely, open , and honest feedback with regard to my assignments. She has offered impartial guidance and support where my specialist sector skills did not aline fully with course criteria and has been available to engage in wider profession discussions to help me manage the learning process. I have found Carol to be very approachable and always willing to help”

Bill Wrangler

I take my personal and professional development very seriously, and it was refreshing to work with Carol as she has an enthusiasm and drive to help her students achieve their goals. Having completed Level 5 in Teaching and Education I now have the qualification and confidence to take further career steps at work.“ 

Adam Narey

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